Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tree of Logic: Democrats Received 90% of the Black Vote for the Midterm Elections 2018

Tree of Logic warned the Conservatives to stop playing Identity Politics to win over the black vote because it will not work. Looks like she was right.................AGAIN!

The Black Conservative Response 

Ethnic/religious competition has never really been the goal of "lily-white" conservatism within mainstream Republicanism. I believe their real goal is to keep Black voter turnout down while tactically soothing the fears of white independent women voters, many of whom are uncomfortable with racist attacks on immigrants. So, this type of operation is twofold: a). It goes after a certain type of black voter (mostly men) .... your Kanye, bi-polar, attracted to conspiracies, Hotep type of black voter. These individuals help demoralize other blacks online. b). It’s been proven that oftentimes when white candidates talk about minorities it’s to appeal to white moderates — not actual communities of color.

Many of the white individuals being targeted by the “Take a Picture with a Negro” campaign are white (suburban) women, many of whom I suspect have few solid relationships with communities of color.  How long would it take to trick them? How many pictures with smiling brown children,  black folk, and whala, you're back in the game (again).

This is why some allege that even suburban-moderate-independents play apart in aiding-and-abetting white-nationalism.