Saturday, December 15, 2018

E. W. Jackson: “The floor of Congress is now going to look like an Islamic republic

"As long as mainstream conservatives continue to be titillated by anti-black rhetoric coming from the lips of black people, there can never be a harmonious relationship between black conservatism and mainstream conservatism in America. As I have posited in previous essays, there are solution-oriented and fame-oriented black conservatives. Fame-oriented black conservatives are the cartoonish characters promoted in mainstream conservatism."

- Chidike Okeem, black conservative writer/intellectual  

(The Washington Post) -- Conservative pastor E.W. Jackson began his radio program Wednesday with an outraged rant about a rule change that congressional Democrats are proposing that would reverse a headwear ban on the floor of the House of Representatives. The change would take effect next year, when Democrats resume control of the House and welcome the most racially diverse and most female freshman class in U.S. history, which includes the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress. One of them, Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar, wears a headscarf. “The floor of Congress is now going to look like an Islamic republic,” Jackson said on the show.

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