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Glenn Loury vs. Coleman Hughes on Slavery & Black Wealth

The Black Conservative View: When they want the pathology to be unique to black culture they are race conscious; but, when evidence suggest "the earliest most capital-intensive forms of Atlantic interaction.... The largest intercontinental migration in history before the mid-1800s" they are color-blind. 

Friday, July 5, 2019

Ella Mai - Makes Me Wonder | @mikeperezmedia @mdperez88 Choreography

The History of Black Montreal

Concordia University history students share the results of their research into the history of the now-defunct Negro Community Center, a former pillar of the Black community of Montreal, Canada.

What If You Live in a Bad City?

(The American Conservative) -- This is something I’ve thought about a lot. And it applies to living in a “bad” town or rural area, as well. What if you live in a place that is ugly, broken-down, dangerous, bereft of community? Is it better to leave? And if you stay—how do you help transform such a place?

There are different kinds of “bad” cities, and thus different ways of trying to involve oneself in the betterment of those cities. If any commenters have thoughts on “bad” cities or towns they’ve lived in, and how they’ve worked to get involved in those places, I would love for you to share your thoughts.

One of the first sorts of “bad” cities that comes to mind would be the dangerous one—a city that has enough crime and hostility within it to make inhabitants feel uncomfortable and alone, a city in which it’s difficult to trust people. There are rural areas like this, too—indeed, cities aren’t any more dangerous than rural areas, according to the numbers. How to build community here is a difficult question, one that I don’t have a holistic answer to (and it’s probably a question that doesn’t have a perfect answer).

But one potential answer comes from Why Place Matters, an excellent book recently published by The New Atlantis. William A. Schambra, director of the Hudson Institute’s Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal, wrote an essay for the volume about “Place and Poverty,” in which he tells the story of Family House, a ministry in inner-city Milwaukee.

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Africa’s Reform Conundrum and Zimbabwe’s Tragedy

Only a strong regimen of reform can unshackle African economies from the suffocating grip of statism and free them to follow the path to prosperity.

George B. N. Ayittey is a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute, and President of the Free Africa Foundation.

(Independent) -- Despite immense mineral wealth, Africa’s economic success stories are few. Outside Botswana, Ghana, Mauritius, and Rwanda, economies on the continent have been held back by decades of state interventionism, corruption, petulant government spending, and irresponsible borrowing. National debts have reached unsustainable levels. In 2017, Mozambique defaulted on its euro bond payment, and default risk has been rising on Zambian debt since May. Only a strong regimen of reform can unshackle African economies from the suffocating grip of statism and free them to follow the path to prosperity.

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Rihanna Voices Support For Sudanese Protesters: 'They Have A Right To Speak Out And Demand Peace'

As the crisis in Sudan continues and tens of thousands take to the streets today (June 30) to demand civilian rule, Rihanna is using her platform to express solidarity with the protesters.

The singer posted images from the protests to her Instagram, writing, "With more protests planned for today, June 30, I send my ❤️ and I pray for the safety of the Sudanese people. They have a right to speak out and demand peace, justice, and a transition to civilian rule. Over 100 were killed and hundreds more were wounded during the June 3rd protests. Military rulers need to be held accountable. Praying for no more killings or abuse today." 

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Boo'd Up

The ‘new and improved’ trouble with Nigeria | by Ayo Sogunro

"Certainly, Achebe is right: we have a failure of leadership. But what we are rarely told, from primary school to adulthood, is that we also have a ‘success of followership’. Most Nigerians of my generation and after have been taught to follow, to conform, and to revere the wisdom of existing political leadership."

- Ayo Sogunro -

(Ayo Sogunro) - "Political news in Nigeria is generally depressing. This is not because it is bad news – which it mostly is – but because it is, tiringly and achingly, an endless torrent of reality show drama featuring politicians and their antics. There is no political discourse, no ideological direction, and no intellectual proposals. Our news is either just politicians fighting politicians or politicians reconciling with politicians; it is a hot mess of political gossip and low drama where every issue starts with an ego tussle and ends with a power struggle.

In the rare instances that governance issues take the stage, they are merely used as self-aggrandising props by political leaders or wielded as score-keeping tabs against their predecessors and opposition. Although our leaders decry corruption, they do not honestly engage the causes of corruption as it involves ordinary people – such as poverty, burdensome laws, and general desperation to survive. Instead, they think of corruption in relation to their political opponents.  Similarly, they hardly engage the scope and limits of the rights of ordinary citizens, instead they complain about abuse of power by their rivals when it affects them.

They do not reflect on insecurity as an issue destroying  real human lives, but as a game plan to make the country ungovernable for them. Nigerian politics has long ceased to be a conversation about the people and the ideas that best represent their interests. Instead, our politics continues to be a drama about politicians and what affects them. Meanwhile, ordinary Nigerians are compelled to watch this horror show, captive audiences of a serial killer nation."

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Complete Breakdown of The Central Park Five (part 2 - Final)

This is the final break down to the innocent boys known as the Central Park Five who were unjustly vilified. If you can't watch the mini series "When They See Us" this is the next best thing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Black Conservative VS. White Nationalist (Richard Spencer VS. Tree of Logic: Discussing The Alt Right)


Guns in the Third Reich - A Response to Ben Shapiro and Others

CNBC's full interview with Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, joins CNBC's Becky Quick at the KPMG Women's Leadership Summit in Chaska, Minnesota, to discuss the latest news making headlines including the Hong Kong protests, escalating tensions with Iran, and the 2020 presidential elections.

Stephen L. Carter: Don't punish the students for the parents' sins

As the guilty pleas mount in Operation Varsity Blues, which sparked the college admissions scandal, I've found myself wondering about the fate of the students whose parents have been implicated. What should happen to the children on whose behalf they cheated? 

(Omaha World-Herald) - For most observers, the answer is simple: Kick them out.

According to news reports, the schools involved have reacted variously. Georgetown has expelled two unnamed students because of whatever their parents did to get them in. Yale, where I teach, and Stanford have dismissed a single undergraduate each. Several students at the University of Southern California have been informed that until the school's investigation is complete, they are not permitted to withdraw but are also not permitted to attend classes or obtain copies of their transcripts. A number of schools have rescinded offers of admission. As for those students admitted through the bribery network who graduated before the scandal broke, USC is reportedly considering whether to revoke their degrees, and an online petition calls upon Georgetown to do the same.
Color me skeptical.

Source: The Omaha. Read full article.

Were the Crusades Defensive? - A Response to Steven Crowder

Quote of the Day

“Among liberals and Democrats, there is this notion that the poor — especially the black poor — can do no wrong. If you criticize any poor and black person who displays inappropriate, boorish or egregiously bad conduct, you'll be dismissed as a racist if you're not black. And as an Uncle Tom or sellout if you are.”

 ― Gregory P. Kane

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Central Park Five - Matias Reyes Full Confession

Graphic Content. Reyes video confession to DA Nancy Ryan for attack on jogger in Central Park, NY, 1989.

On the night of April 19, 1989, in Central Park, NY, a jogger was brutally raped and beaten.
The teens were interrogated for hours before they made these statements. The attack took place on Apr. 19 and the video confessions were recorded on Apr. 21.

In 1990 all five were convicted and received sentences ranging from 5 to 13 years.
During trial the DA relied heavily on their video confessions. They all later retracted their statements, saying they were coerced.

In 2002, all five moved to vacate their convictions on the grounds of newly discovered evidence: specifically, a confession by convicted rapist and murderer, Matias Reyes, who Korey Wise met in prison. Reyes' DNA was a positive match to semen found at the original crime scene.

The motions to vacate were granted.

In 2012 a documentary was made called "The Central Park Five" by Sarah Burns.

Lily-White Progressivism: A History of Indifference and White Supremacy

How Republicans lost Orange County

(The Washington Examiner) — As Election Day approached in 2016, Eddie Lopez was undecided about how he would vote. He loved Hillary Clinton and was excited about the chance to vote for America’s first female president. But Lopez had been drawn to the Republican Party since the days of Ronald Reagan, his favorite president. He’d grown weary of the Democratic Party under President Barack Obama, who failed to deliver on his promise to reform the broken immigration system.

But when Election Day arrived, Lopez couldn’t bring himself to vote for Donald Trump. “He just offends us too deep,” Lopez told me in January 2018, about how he and many of his fellow Latinos felt toward Trump.

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Tree of Logic: Debunking Corrupt Ex-Cop Brandon Tatum's Video Coming Ya Way!

Brandon Tatum is so desperate to please President Trump and pander to the MAGA cult that he's willing to support the corruption behind the Central Park 5 verdict.

A short history of Turning Point USA's racism

Turning Point USA is often associated with the time its members wore diapers in an attempt at “triggering” liberals, but this should not be the only public failure the group is remembered for. The conservative organization, which focuses on increasing right-wing political influence on college campuses, has a long history of involvement in racist incidents that are now permanently linked to its name.

TPUSA’s founder and executive director, Charlie Kirk, has repeatedly denied that his organization is racist, yet the incidents of blatant bigotry involving members of TPUSA keep happening, even as leaks show white nationalists plotting to infiltrate it. Kirk, the right-wing “boy wonder” who has used Fox News to turn fearmongering about left-wing ideology on college campuses into a profitable grift, has also successfully leveraged his “perfectly incoherent” sycophancy for the Trump administration into a cozy relationship with the president’s family -- a relationship seemingly unaffected by TPUSA’s pattern of racism.

Fake news and public executions: Documents show a Russian company's plan for quelling protests in Sudan

Why Conservatives Must Engage Urbanism

Is there a place for conservative urbanism?

(The American Conservative ) - That was the question prompted by Charles Marohn’s recent New Urbs article, “The Conservative Case Against the Suburbs.” Ben Adler, an environmental reporter over at Grist, said the conservative base will never listen to the lonely (though growing!) conservative urbanist voices. Keith Miller at Mere Orthodoxy argued conservative urbanists are abusing Ronald Reagan’s political legacy in favor of elitist technocratism. Both pieces help illustrate just how limited urbanist politics have been, and just how important the New Urbs project (along with our like-minded friends across the conservative landscape) could be for broadening this discussion.

Adler documents how “urbanism is actually growing in popularity among a small cadre of conservative intellectuals,” who “understand that the traditional town design favored by urbanists—houses that face the street, with porches and stoops, sidewalks, public parks, and shared mass transit—fosters strong communities.” Yet he warns: “Just don’t expect their ideas to catch on in conservative America.” He continues, “The main problem for conservative urbanists isn’t the quality of their arguments, but rather that they fall on deaf ears within their own movement.” Adler argues that popular American conservatism is about tribalism before principles, and subsidized suburbia suits them just as Tea Party retirees are fiercely defensive of their own entitlement checks. American conservatives are coal-rollersand Sarah-Palin-Big-Gulp celebrators, who “have adopted pro-market, small-government values as a loftier framework for their politics of resentment.”

Source: The American Conservative. Read full article.

A neo-Nazi in CA was arrested for plotting to kill Jews

George B. N. Ayittey - Zimbabwe’s Coconut Coup Installs a Crocodile Liberator

George B. N. Ayittey is a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute, and President of the Free Africa Foundation.

(Independent Institute) - Erratic economic policies drove investment away. Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth was blatantly plundered by Mugabe’s securocrat—military and police officers strategically placed in government buildings to protect the ruling ZANU-PF regime. Unable to find money to fund spending, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe simply printed it.

The resulting hyper-inflation was of world-historic proportions, reaching 6.5 quindecillion novemdecillion percent—65 followed by 107 zeros—in January 2009. The Zimbabwean dollar collapsed the next month. Mugabe then adopted a basket of currencies, including the U.S. dollar and the South African rand, as its national currency. This brought on a temporary respite until Mugabe returned to his old wayward ways.

November’s military coup was a tragic end to an intelligent and sophisticated man who should have known better. Mugabe had only to observe the history of postcolonial Africa, whose first-generation liberation heroes succumbed to temptations and takeovers. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, for example, was overthrown by his military in 1966, and Modibo Keita of Mali was toppled in 1968. Only a couple stepped down voluntarily—Leopold Senghor of Senegal and Julius Nyerere of Tanzania—but after more than 20 years in office.

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Tree of Logic: Who Was Really Behind Kyle Kushuv's Harvard Admission Being Rejected? (Not Liberals)

Remember, it was a so called "conservative" who spearheaded the campaign to get Kyle Kushuv removed form Harvard not a Liberal.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

White Supremacy In the LGBT Community: Do Black Lives Matter in the Gay Community?

How White Supremacy and Colorblind Indifference in the LGBT Community is killing Black Gay Men  

A rainbow that slays black men is nothing to be prideful about

The Research

“When you look at the racism and discrimination that black gay and bisexual men experience from other gay and bisexual men, that is impossible,” reiterates Scales, who is a black gay man himself. “And I think that’s why you will see that the sexual networks are limited to only dating other [black] gay and bisexual men.” 

"In the minority stress model, “prejudice events” associated with a minority status, such as discrimination or expectations of prejudice, act as stressors in the lives of minority persons (Meyer 2003). These stressors are both unique and additive to everyday life stressors that all people experience. It is the excess stress associated with stigma and discrimination that contributes to the higher rates of mental health disorders often found in sexual minority population groups." 

"According to Krieger, discrimination is “a socially structured and sanctioned phenomenon, justified by ideology and expressed in interactions, among and between individuals and institutions, intended to maintain privileges for members of [certain] groups at the cost of deprivation of others” (Krieger 2000:41). "

No Asians, no black people. Why do gay people tolerate blatant racism

The BlackConservative360 View: Perhaps one of the most shameful things that keeps coming up in my brief research on this topic is this rush to explain it all away by educated black liberal gays. It's as if they see the problem, but want to direct attention away from white-supremacy in the gay community and instead direct anger towards "society" at large or point to homophobia in the black community. By minimizing the role white-supremacy plays in the gay community --  the black community (namely The Black Church) becomes the constant target -- not the racism in the gay community. The gay community often claims that the Civil Rights Movement was it's inspiration. But, inspiration to do what - create a gay community where black gay men are considered pariahs in their  own gay community? According to studies, (listed below) black gay men are "the least desirable" to either 1). hang around in the gay community or 2). to date -- said by many (not all) Asian, Hispanic, and White gays. 

Research suggest that these racist/biased views (largely shaped by white-supremacy) inform how these non- black gays engage black gay men. The consequences of all this cultural apartheid is black gay men get hurt the most because the other racial groups limit their dating networks. Black gay men (due to choice/bias/racism) tend to date a smaller pool of people -- mostly other blacks --(this despite them not being more promiscuous) explains their high rates of HIV infections! 

What kind of colorblind rainbow is this? That kills black bodies?
What kind of rainbow is this where black men come out of the closet to die because of biases informed by white supremacy.
What kind of rainbow is this? 
Rainbow or bloody rag - built off of black pain? You tell me.
What kind of rainbow is this? 

German Americans, African Americans, and the Republican Party in St. Louis, 1865-1872

How policy decisions made by the Missouri Republican Party in the years following the Civil War threatened to undermine support for the party among the state's German population. These policies included a failure to address specific economic concerns, the inclusion of religious language and a loyalty oath for clergymen in the new Missouri constitution, and the issue of black suffrage.

Conference Paper in Journal of American ethnic history 28(1):34-51 · September 2008:

Friday, May 31, 2019

Tree of Logic: TPUSA's Guide To White Supremacy (PART 1)

Recently there has been a change of staff for Turning Point USA. Do you know why? Watch this shocking video to learn more.

TPUSA's Guide To White Supremacy (PART 1)

- Candace Owens did not leave Turning Point USA

- Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA started it at 18 because he was rejected from West Point. He felt blacks took his position (TRUE STORY). He felt slighted.

According to Tree of Logic: Because Charlie Kirk, founder believed he was a victim of identity politics, he felt he would - exploit black people - for vengeance and make millions of dollars in the process.

He would use diversity to DESTROY diversity.