Monday, September 9, 2019

Twitter has a tempraily suspended our account for "suspicious activity" likely due to a post about slavery

We have followed the procedure for suspended Twitter accounts, and decided to wait before pursuing the matter further, at least until Twitter can take a look to see what occurred. Twitter has been a bit more aggressive recently due to Russian bots pretending to be black on Twitter. 

So, this might explain why this account gets an unusual amount of attention.

That Being Said...

We alerted our readers/followers some months ago that our blog  (which uses a google geolocation service) that we had discovered a very unusual number of Russian visits to our site: Russia were the second largest country after America coming to see a blog about African American conservatism -- around election time. But, why?

Again, this is not a statement of fact -- just an opinion: 

I suspect for two reason (likely more) The Black Conservative blog/twitter account are powerful - conservative - counter-narratives to the preferred racial narratives that The Trump administration, fame-oriented black conservatives groups/surrogates, and yes, even Russia want. This would make this particular account a prime target for such groups - a problem. In other words, precisely because it is authentic (not black coontastic-opportunist looking for a buck or Russian bot-bobleheads) trying to fake public support for the President -- we could be target.  

The second possible reason? To learn. The Russians, Trump's people, even their black surrogates know very little about Black Conservatism, and they need to fully understand the thing they seek to exploit.  They se value in race conversations, and using blacks who can counter other black opinions is of value to them. They will hire/pay/employ diversity, in order to destroy it. It is sad truth, but a truth nevertheless, that fame-oriented black conservatives know very little about the ideas they claim to represent and, quite a few see authentic black conservatism as a threat to their own influence and money, and whose only ideal is flexibility, that is to say they do not care about black conservatism -- just about using it. This particular type of fame-oriented and coontastic type of black-conservatism will even empower and network with Alt-Right Nazis, even The President's own son (even Twitter's CEO) to wage an information war on any narrative that does not compliment theirs or the President's political objectives. And, we already know that there are so-called "black-conservatives" fame-oriented ones who are closely aligned with the Trump administration who don't like this account. Over the years, others have stealthily sought to take it over -- sabotage @blackrepublican. Why? Control of The Narrative: They want to exploit/weaponize black conservatism for their own selfish objectives -- not for its value and its purpose. 

Since the blogs highlighting of The Lily White Movement (a successful southern-strategy in the Republican party to  colonize and de-negrofy the black legacy and identity within The Republican party (example: Black Republican leaders were barred in 1922 from the Virginia Republican congressional convention; and the state had imposed racial segregation in public places and had disenfranchised most blacks by this time )

This information has angered many white (and even black) conservatives because it challenges the "They Left Us for Food Stamps, & Goodies Myth".... it challenges a racial narrative and lie fervently spread and believed throughout much of the Republican party, today. African-Americans did not leave The GOP because of free stuff, laziness, or being brainwashed, or any other number of ridiculous lily-white arguments that have been put forward to rationalize African-Americans leaving the part of Lincoln. They simply have no real basis in fact. Blacks were leaving before The New Deal, or The Great Society Programs of Lyndon Jonsson.

 The facts show that white-supremacy crept into the early Republican party, and never left, and grew for white objectives - not black. They offer every excuse, but the most obvious one: White Supremacy and indifference to it by white moderate Republicans. This interplay between the two helped to de-negrofy Black Conservatism in the Republican Party.   

At the end of the day, this account is not about Obama or Trump (the blog/account existed before either) but about Black Conservatism. It is an attempt to validate and explain the various strains of ethnic conservatism that spring forth from oppression, and the African American conservatism is one such strain. It is an observable disposition. It is an ethnic and African conservative identity birthed in chains that is trying to make sense out of "the stuff" that oppression and opportunities have thrust on it -- made it.

That is the reality, irrespective of the objectives of others.
That is the reality, irrespective if this blog is here or not.

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