Wednesday, June 5, 2019

White Supremacy In the LGBT Community: Do Black Lives Matter in the Gay Community?

How White Supremacy and Colorblind Indifference in the LGBT Community is killing Black Gay Men  

A rainbow that slays black men is nothing to be prideful about

The Research

“When you look at the racism and discrimination that black gay and bisexual men experience from other gay and bisexual men, that is impossible,” reiterates Scales, who is a black gay man himself. “And I think that’s why you will see that the sexual networks are limited to only dating other [black] gay and bisexual men.” 

"In the minority stress model, “prejudice events” associated with a minority status, such as discrimination or expectations of prejudice, act as stressors in the lives of minority persons (Meyer 2003). These stressors are both unique and additive to everyday life stressors that all people experience. It is the excess stress associated with stigma and discrimination that contributes to the higher rates of mental health disorders often found in sexual minority population groups." 

"According to Krieger, discrimination is “a socially structured and sanctioned phenomenon, justified by ideology and expressed in interactions, among and between individuals and institutions, intended to maintain privileges for members of [certain] groups at the cost of deprivation of others” (Krieger 2000:41). "

No Asians, no black people. Why do gay people tolerate blatant racism

The BlackConservative360 View: Perhaps one of the most shameful things that keeps coming up in my brief research on this topic is this rush to explain it all away by educated black liberal gays. It's as if they see the problem, but want to direct attention away from white-supremacy in the gay community and instead direct anger towards "society" at large or point to homophobia in the black community. By minimizing the role white-supremacy plays in the gay community --  the black community (namely The Black Church) becomes the constant target -- not the racism in the gay community. The gay community often claims that the Civil Rights Movement was it's inspiration. But, inspiration to do what - create a gay community where black gay men are considered pariahs in their  own gay community? According to studies, (listed below) black gay men are "the least desirable" to either 1). hang around in the gay community or 2). to date -- said by many (not all) Asian, Hispanic, and White gays. 

Research suggest that these racist/biased views (largely shaped by white-supremacy) inform how these non- black gays engage black gay men. The consequences of all this cultural apartheid is black gay men get hurt the most because the other racial groups limit their dating networks. Black gay men (due to choice/bias/racism) tend to date a smaller pool of people -- mostly other blacks --(this despite them not being more promiscuous) explains their high rates of HIV infections! 

What kind of colorblind rainbow is this? That kills black bodies?
What kind of rainbow is this where black men come out of the closet to die because of biases informed by white supremacy.
What kind of rainbow is this? 
Rainbow or bloody rag - built off of black pain? You tell me.
What kind of rainbow is this?