Monday, April 15, 2019

Ivo Jackson ― What is the difference between black/white conservatives?

Collectivist conservatism is not a new construct. African cultures have been practicing it for generations

The short answer is black conservatism refuses to ignore the context of injustice in socioeconomic inequity and rejects any tradition that enables racism or bigotry. Whether through sociological study or casual observation, if you actually SEE black conservatives and the way we practice political conservatism, the findings are the same: ‘Colorblind politics’ are the tool of white supremacists and those who whore for their votes.

Black conservatives who refuse to bend the knee to the bigotry and elitism being passed off as mainstream American conservatism must always refuse to be silenced or misrepresented.
Black conservatives who aren’t willing to be controlled or forced into a false narrative just to belong to the group assert that our conservatism is not the same.

The group rejects us, so we reject the group.
It is a matter of dignity and self-respect.

We will not be silenced.

 ― I.C. Jackson @eyeveaux