Tuesday, January 8, 2019

White Evangelicalism vs Global Ethnic Evangelicalism

John Piper's Response to Lecrae Shows White Evangelicals Have More Work to Do 

I will not oblige to your colonized way of faith
My Messiah died for the world, not just USA
They say, "Jesus was Conservative"
Tell 'em, "That's a lie"
No, He not a Liberal either if you think I'll choose a side
They say, "'Crae, you so divisive, shouldn't be a Black church"
I say, "Do the math, segregation started that first!"
Hey, you want unity? Then read a eulogy
Kill the power that exists up under you and over me.


(Faithfully Magazine) -- While Lecrae’s criticism of White Evangelicalism is systemic, 
Piper’s response is primarily individualistic, consisting of a list of exceptions to the rule, as it were. This unfortunately misses the crux of Lecrae’s—and for that matter, Christians of color’s—critique: we’re not speaking about individual actions of White Evangelicals but about the long-standing and continually unchallenged assumptions, narratives and normativity that symbolize the systemic problem of White Evangelicalism in our American churches across the board.