Thursday, December 6, 2018

Twitter suspends Black Republican account ...

Actually they just  placed temporary limitations on it ...

We have reached out (twice) to Twitter's  support team for additional help unlocking our account. It's likely Twitter suspended it due to our long historical threads for mere security purposes. We suspect a recent thread was detected as "suspicious behavior "suggesting to them that the account was compromised. So right now, we wait for Twitter to respond.

That being said, there are other possibilities.

Over the years there have been several attempts to hack our email/blog. We suspect that this was largely due to alt-right malcontents, but that suspicion is largely due to timing, and the coincidence of the correlation between when the attacks occurred, and our critiques of the alt-right. But, there's no smoking gun.

Another possible scenario (and one which we will consult with lawyers should evidence emerge) is that we are being targeted by the Trump administration for brutal critiques on this immoral, shameless, and demonic administration.

 We will NEVER apologize for that!

Sorry, but it is what it is: It's a DEMONIC administration.