Friday, August 3, 2018

The Cynical Historian - Debunking Slave Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the institution of slavery, especially here in the United States.  These myths often serve pernicious political purposes that can be highly detrimental to a proper conception of history.  So here are 10 of those myths debunked in no particular order.

For general reference and mistakes:

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1 - one example of white slavery I could have mentioned were the Amerindian slavers of Tans-Mississippi West, who would raid Spanish/Mexican colonies and visa/versa - but that is way too complicated for this myth.

2 -
3:20 - my bad, 1922 was the fall of the Ottoman Empire, 1918 was the end of WWI
5 -
7:10 - "any power not expressed" (the not is kind of difficult to hear)
7 -
8:30 - typo, Marx was born in 1818 not 1918, LOL

Good general books:
Berlin, Ira.  Generations of Captivity:  A History of African-American Slaves.  Cambridge, Mass.:  Harvard University Press, 2003.