Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oliver McGee — What It Takes To Be The College Boss: 20 Pearls Of Wisdom After Mizzou Fallout

Dr. Oliver McGee, a conservative professor at Howard University, offers some insights from the past on how to better manage the challenges faced by today's college campuses.

President Wolfe and Chancellor Loftin faced increasing pressure to resign their leadership posts after what critics said "was a sluggish and inadequate response to a string of racially charged incidents on the overwhelmingly white college campus," according to TPM LiveWire Breaking News.

This is now a tsunami crisis in stakeholder management and presidential and chancellorship succession in higher education and its coordinated response to diversity and inclusion on campus (alongside other pressing issues of college affordability, student learning and assessment, internationalization and globalization on campuses, cash management and investments, fundraising and endowment growth, strategic partnerships, joint venturing and alliances, and board governance).

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni stakeholders' anger and frustration is real about how the value of diversity and inclusion on modern college campuses matters most in the modern age of demography shift and heightened engagement across government, industry, philanthropy, and "The Ivory Tower."

So, given at the end of this piece are 20 strategic lessons on what does it take to be the college boss through the lens of several university presidential titans, who may have or who may have not weathered the storms of raising the value of diversity and inclusion in "The Ivory Tower."

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