Thursday, July 23, 2015

Living With The Enemy: Black Conservative Shirley Husar Lands New Show on Lifetime

Shirley Husar, a social conservative Republican in Los Angeles, writes about her new show on Liftetime TV.

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Shirley Husar is a former writer for The Washington Times and a successful real estate agent. She was also the host of the online show "HipHopRepublican TV".
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She writes: "As a black, Republican supporter of traditional marriage, I was featured in the episode, “Marriage: Same-Sex vs. Traditional.” I spent four days in my “enemies'” home, attempting to provide them with information and possibly sway their opinion with regard to the show’s designated subject.
When forced to live and work with my “enemy,” my traditional values are put to the test, and what you, the viewer, will learn about traditional values versus the same-sex argument will shock you.
Let me be clear: my co-stars on this episode are not my enemies. They have a different point of view from  mine, and learning about their position on a currently hot issue while sharing mine is an interesting experiment. I hope you will enjoy watching."