Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dr. Oliver McGee — Germanwings 9525: Post 9-11 Cockpit Security Protocols Needed

The black conservative professor discusses his views on the tragedy that occurred with Germanwings' flight 9525.

I am extremely conservative about aviation safety and security at 38,000 feet, as an aviation expert, like most of us are in this small highly technical community. Mainly because when traveling at that stratospheric flight level, “failure is not an option.
Since commercial aviation began over seven decades ago, nevertheless, we have had only a hand full of incidents of a pilot “going kamikaze” with hundreds of innocent passengers on board.
Nonetheless, this  is why I have publicly across international media called for the aviation industry to “adopt belts and suspenders retrofit measures” in this post 9-11 era of international commercial passenger travel safety and security. So, we don’t ever teach some bad folks how to do bad things. While, we are flying the friendliest skies these days and future ones too. 
Here is where an integrated focus on “the people just as much as the devices” is key to integrity and trust alongside accountability and responsibility of the soundness of the aviation industry and its future as a going concern in the international public interest, as I discussed below on Sky News Live on Thursday, March 26.

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