Saturday, December 13, 2014

Professor Oliver McGee ― Dark Social of Social Media

Even wonder about how to measure the true impact of social media sharing you don't see on “viral” content? The Atlantic measured its own site traffic and discovered that more than 56 percent of its total traffic originated from what the magazine originally termed as "Dark Social" media traffic.

Alexis Madrigal, who coined the words "Dark Social" in his original research for The Atlantic, found that about 25 percent of all referral traffic — and 69 percent of social referrals — was unattributed. 

Specifically, the widely-known Madrigal findings revealed that 56.5 percent of traffic to The Atlantic website was Dark Social. Only 21.6 percent of The Atlantic online magazine's total traffic was Facebook driven, whereas 11.2 percent was Twitter sourced.

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