Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal — Why Free Speech Cannot Always Be Free

“Indeed, true freedom is not free, nor is it always convenient. The root of the word should never delude any of us because true freedom is always costly. 

Free speech is certainly an ideal, but that often means hearing things you would rather not hear, and dealing with people whom you would rather not deal with. In the end, everyone should simply get over it because when others are “free” to say what they want, you also become “free” to say what you want. Political correctness only shields the wolves who prance around in sheep costumes.

Possessing a free mind is one of the greatest gifts God ever bestowed on humankind, and He intended for all of us to use it. So, if we, as subordinate human beings, are able to reject God, then who gives humans the right to mandate what other humans must and must not reject? Certainly, for the sake of communal well-being, individual freedom must be sacrificed for the collective whole, but that should never involve thought preference, prescribed behavior, or the selective application of the said freedom. If freedom were sacrificed in these ways, then what you’d be left with wouldn’t be freedom at all, but the greatest trick that democracy and progressivism had ever played: the relinquishment of liberty under the pretense of tolerance and under the guise of ‘egalitarianism,’ the modern euphemism for ‘coercion.'”

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