Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kenn Blanchard - Hurt People Hurt People

Kenn Blanchard, a black gun rights activist and blogger writes about mental health in the wake of this weeks Navy Yard shootings.

The senseless murders that happened yesterday at the Washington Navy Yard demonstrate to us several things. First, we as a people are hurting. We are stuck in various stages of living. The sickest of us seek to stop their pain by hurting others and themselves. After the shooting stops we are forced to come out of our bubbles and address those failures. It makes us angry. We are stressed out. Around here its the traffic, the furloughs, the economy, and more. We are anxious about our future, wars, the government snooping, terrorism, healthcare, jobs, education, and even companionship. The answers aren’t easy. The answers can’t be given with microwave quickness and we don’t want to believe that.

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