Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dimensions of Black Conservatism in the U.S.: Made in America

Dimensions of Black Conservatism in the US is a collection of twelve essays by leading black intellectuals and scholars on varied dimensions of black conservative thought and activism. The authors have provided a historical context for the reader with several articles examining the origins and development of black conservatism.

Introduction / Gayle T. Tate and Lewis A. Randolph --

1. Black Creole Cultures: The Eighteenth-Century Origins of African American Conservatism / Rhett S. Jones --
2. The American Moral Reform Society and the Origins of Black Conservative Ideology / Robert E. Weems, Jr. --
3. "There is no refuge in conservatism": A Case Study of Black Political Conservatism in Richmond, Virginia / Gayle T. Tate and Lewis A. Randolph --
4. The Politics of the Anti-Woman Suffrage Agenda: African Americans Respond to Conservatism / Rosalyn Terborg-Penn --
5. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it": Thomas Sowell on Black Women, Affirmative Action, and the Death of Discrimination / Rhonda M. Williams --
6. The Neoconservative Assault on Black Males: Origins, Objectives, and Outcomes / James B. Stewart --
7. The Individual Ethos: A Defining Characteristic of Contemporary Black Conservatism / Sherri Smith --
8. Remaking African American Public Opinion: The Role and Function of the African American Conservatives / Hanes Walton, Jr. --
9. The Lonely Iconoclast: George Schuyler and the Civil Rights Movement / Oscar R. Williams, Jr. --
10. Neoconservatives, Black Conservatives, and the Retreat from Social Justice / Frank Harold Wilson --
11. Black Conservatives and Class Relations / Marcus D. Pohlmann --
12. Beyond Black Neoconservatism and Black Liberalism / James Jennings.