Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kyle James Howard — American Racism & The Dangers of Color-Blindness

“The answer to racism is not colorblindness. The answer to racism is to embrace a worldview that says diversity is beautiful.”

The American church (and society) has yet to have a real and honest discussion concerning racism. For one group, there is a tremendous amount of pain. For the other group, there is a tremendous amount of shame and embarrassment. If the American church (and society) doesn’t have a real and honest conversation about racism, it will be do nothing but perpetuate the pain and shame. We have to get to a point where white Christians are able to embrace Historical embarrassment in light of the cross and truly be humbled by it. This humility will allow them to enter into a posture of learning rather than insist that they are the ones who need to teach minorities.

On the other side, blacks have to truly bring their pain to the cross and allow Christ to swallow up bitterness and resentment that racism has caused them. Honestly, I am no longer optimistic that I will see this happen in my generation. I believe the American church has had a beautiful looking bandaid placed over an infected wound that has yet to be truly healed. I pray that the next generation will pick up the baton and carry it on.

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