Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Black Conservatism vs Color-Blind Conservatism

In his book, “The Conservatives: Ideas and Personalities Throughout American History,” Patrick Allitt provides a glimpse into Professor Frank S. Meyer's colorblind views, views that would set the tone on matters related to race within the Republican Party, urban-conservatism, and mainstream-white-conservatism.

Perhaps more than anyone, Professor Frank S. Meyer's radical departure from race-conscious-conservatism helped to isolate the “Negro factor” from mainstream-conservatism. With the help of white-identity-evangelicalism, Goldwater-libertarianism and state's rights segregationist, Professor Meyer's views would construct a new Republican Party identity and push it towards a direction that would have been barely recognizable to the founders of the Republican Party — a race conscious party that was birthed to liberate black people.