Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dr. Elaina George ― Healthcare Consumerism: The Power of Patient Choice

It is obvious that our healthcare system is not working and fundamental changes have to be made. It is time to redefine what quality healthcare means. Instead of being considered a right perhaps it is time to think of it as a service. Patients are consumers seeking service that is accessible, affordable and innovative from a physician or medical facility that treats them as an informed consumer who should be respected and valued.

The Affordable Care Act was never about healthcare it was about control. The law was passed in 2010 using a slick campaign of promises that were never meant to be kept including the now familiar tag lines of ‘ if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor’ and ‘affordable health insurance for both uninsured and those uninsurable because of pre-existing health conditions’. In reality, it was a complex mix of taxes that effectively orchestrated a transfer of wealth from the working and middle class to the government in the form of taxes, and to the medical corporate complex (health insurance, Big Pharma and corporate hospitals) in the form of give away in the guise of mandates and corporate welfare.

The ACA is a house of cards that has been sustained by the tried and true method of divide and conquer by separating people into aggrieved interest groups and creating a frame work that creates straw men who can be vilified so that in essence nothing changes because people are driven by anger to look for someone to blame as the cause of the problem instead of creating a foundation that allows people to come together for the common good.