Friday, April 28, 2017

Dr. Alan Keyes ― Is Trump reverting to America's type?

(Renew America)

During the past week or so, President Trump repeatedly set himself at odds with candidate Trump, frankly acknowledging that his campaign rhetoric was out of touch with reality. In every instance, the reversal brought him more into line with the Democrat/RINO left-leaning political culture he made a "huge" show of adamantly opposing during his run for the presidency. Of course, his decision to attack Syria was chief among these reversals, winning him praise from his most virulent critics, including the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

None of these reversals (I would call them "reversions to type") give much comfort to the conservatives his anti-establishment posing defrauded of their votes. All the reversals contradicted the anti-internationalist, anti-interventionist, go-it-alone "America-first" temperament he used to appeal to their resentment against the GOP's elitist faction leaders. Add the clear signs of surrender to the LGBTQ agenda (
at the urging of his daughter Ivanka and her husband, but in line with Trump's lifelong cultural disposition), and it has clearly been "cold shower" time for self-professed conservatives who said Trump could be trusted, including early bellwethers like Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan.

True conservatives, committed to preserving our nation's basis in God-endowed right
and the Constitution constructed upon it, ought indeed to be deeply troubled by President Trump's steady retreat from his forward positions on issues of fundamental principle and constitutional integrity. Such issues include the notion that enforceable "rights" should attach to the growing list of sexual identities rooted in the shifting sands of personal self-perception and appetite. The abandonment of the God-endowed standard of right arising from the obligations inherent in the principles by which our Creator serves and preserves the existence of humanity, poses an existential threat to our decent liberty and the decent way of life liberty allows us to pursue.