Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Theodore Dalrymple: Is Society Broken?

Theodore Dalrymple — nom de plume of the ‘sceptical doctor’ Anthony Daniels — will explore social and economic inequality in a session titled Is Society Broken? How to think about poverty, crime and inequality. A retired doctor and psychiatrist who worked in prisons in Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, Dalrymple has famously chronicled ‘life at the bottom’, anatomising the development of a multigenerational underclass in Western democracies. His lively and provocative essays and books — including Life At The Bottom, If Symptoms Persist, Spoilt Rotten! The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality and The Wilder Shores of Marx — challenge liberal mainstream views about the causes of crime and the reality of poverty. Dalrymple is the CIS’ Max Hartwell Scholar-in-Residence for 2016.