Friday, August 19, 2016

Charles Badger ― What Black Speakers at the RNC Didn’t Say

“It often seemed that to be accepted within the conservative ranks…a black was required to become a caricature of sorts, providing sideshows of anti-black quips and attacks.”
That “sideshow” came to Cleveland last month. And those words — spoken by Clarence Thomas — are as true today as when he said them almost 30 years ago.

Polling shows the overwhelming majority of black Americans think we have a problem with policing in America. White Americans— because their communities, in general, are policed differently — are far less likely to see this problem. So, naturally, the Republican Party went to the ends of the Earth to find the few black people who see no problem with policing in America.
What we saw at the RNC was a procession of faces of color gleeful to distance themselves from people of color. We were reminded — as if we needed it — that there is a market for black people publicly admonishing other black people. Most distasteful, the party was all-too-eager to provide a platform for this.

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