Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Antonia Okafor ― Trump’s rise could be the best thing that’s happened to the liberty movement

I am a Republican Party precinct chair in Texas, gun rights advocate and a strong advocate for working within the party to enact change. I didn’t leave the Democratic Party in 2012 and switch to the GOP so that I could abandon the Republicans at the first sign of trouble.


So throughout this election, I held on to hope. When my first choice, Rand Paul, suspended his campaign back in February, I eventually found myself clinging to what I considered the next best thing, Ted Cruz. I didn’t agree with everything he said. But, again, I didn’t become a Republican to abandon my conservative roots.

Then it finally happened. The very thing so many liberty activists have dreaded for months now.
Donald Trump officially became the presumptive nominee.
Trump is now the GOP and the GOP is now Trump. So… am I represented by Trump?
Sorry. I’m just not.
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