Friday, April 8, 2016

JJ. Omojuwa – Nigeria: The Following Class and the Face of Hypocrisy

If Nigeria has a leadership challenge, it must conversely follow that we have a following challenge. 


Great leaders are scarce in Nigeria, not because of the excess demand of the following of such leaders but because the Nigerian masses have not particularly called out, in the way they ought to, for great leaders. As a people, we seem to be a lot certain about what we do not want than we are about what we do want. And those that genuinely care about this country have left those who do not care about our collective progress and prosperity to determine its reality of politics and governance.

My last three articles on this column have focused on critiquing the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and the reactions have shown a few things. There are those who just do not care, they want this administration to fail by all means. To them, praising the government for what it gets right is wrong, knocking the government to make it do better is wrong, in fact, one’s very existence is wrong all because these people feel Nigerians should have stuck with the last administration of Goodluck Jonathan. Some of us continue to be hated because we continue to be seen as partly responsibility for why the administration was deservingly voted out.

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