Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jennifer Oliver O'Connell — Prince: The last of a dying breed of storyteller songwriters

"A masterful artist and storyteller, Prince has left a void that will not be easily replaced," writes Jennifer Oliver O'Connell .

(Communities Digital)

I was a late adopter of Prince and his music. Being part of the MTV generation, I was already saturated with his imagery, especially after both the movie and album “Purple Rain” were released. Prince’s persona, on-point fashion sense, swagger and talent exploded off the screen and transformed the cultural landscape. Admittedly, I was swept along with the rest of my peers.

As an artist and a writer, I was drawn to such fierce and unabashed expression. But as a devout Christian, I was warned by those supposedly more spiritual than I that his lyrics and music were of the devil.

While remaining a Christian, I wrestled myself from the warped fundamentalism of my teens sometime in young adulthood. That is when I started listening to Prince and watching his concerts and media appearances, and became a fan. He was a delight to watch, funny and self-deprecating, and his showmanship was unmatched by any other artist of his generation or future ones, bar none.

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