Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jennifer Oliver OConnell — Donald Trump’s ‘War on Women’ should cost him the presidency

Has Donald Trump made the fatal falter with his abortion comment to MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews?

(Communities Digital News)

"Donald Trump is single-handedly reviving the so-called Republican War on Women.
In an MSNBC Townhall with Chris Matthews on Wednesday, Trump was asked a hypothetical: if abortion becomes illegal should women be punished for having abortions? Trump’s off-the-cuff logic: if it’s illegal, it should be punished.

Of course, he received tremendous backlash (go figure), and on Thursday flip-flopped to the view that the abortionists should be punished. Then on Friday, he flip-flopped again saying that the laws on abortion should not be changed.

Why anyone expected a cogent pro-life treatise from a man who was unabashedly pro-choice until 2011, and still defends Planned Parenthood as an organization that only does good things for women’s health is beyond comprehension. Needless to say the initial comments and the two- and three-stepping has not helped Trump’s favorability rating among women, pro-life or pro-choice."

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