Monday, March 21, 2016

Trump presents difficult choice for local Black Republicans

(The Philadelphia Tribune)

Donald Trump. For many in the Republican Party, they either love him for his refreshing political incorrectness or hate him for the image he projects of the GOP that wants to be more demographically embracing.

For Black party members, especially longtime stalwarts in the Philadelphia area, it is an even more awkward situation: disagreeing with the candidate’s race-baiting comments that spawn hooliganism while agreeing he is hitting a chord among discontented voters.

The 2016 campaign, moreover, is casting doubts among the flock locally about the direction of the Grand Old Party and the direction of their vote come November’s general election.

“How can you support the most outrageous figure there is in the Republican Party?” asked Republican political strategist Randy Robinson. “I don’t support him. I’ll never vote for him or [former Secretary of State] Hillary [Clinton]. I’ll probably just do a write in.”

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