Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sylvia Thompson ― Donald Trump's appeal: another view

Sylvia Thompson, a black conservative writer, tries to explain the appeal of Donald Trump.

"The Trump phenomenon has taken the nation by storm and much is said about why he appeals to so many Americans.

On its face, Donald Trump's appeal should not be difficult to comprehend. A vast swath of everyday, America-loving, patriotic citizens are fed up with those who occupy positions of leadership. Those "leaders" are for the most part haughty, elitist, and disdainful of the people who reside in "fly-over country" – those of us in "middle-America" between the east and west coasts. These coastal bastions of liberal leftism are where perversion, godlessness, and anti-Americanism hold sway. Sadly, conservative patriots in those areas have little or no input into how things are run."

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