Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Michael David Cobb Bowen — On Regulatory Capture

Let us start with an analogy in the music business.

Imagine that you could read and write music. That you could sing, dance and have mastered an instrument. Let us say further, that you have managed to become a rather powerful player in the music industry. What rules would you apply to the Grammy Awards knowing that 99% of the popular artists have only one of your five skills. If you actually truly did appreciate the best music and musicians in the world, maybe you have box seats at the Vienna Opera House, you hang out with Gustavo Dudamel and every once in a while Yo Yo Ma comes by for dinner. What exactly do you care about American Idol? The question is, do you allow the Grammys and American Idol and Britain's Got Talent etc to get corrupted or not? Can you actually reconcile your musical talents and sophistication with the crowd of fans and groups who have neither? So dig the following video and parse its governance given your understanding of the need to decide 'Record of the Year'.

Now if you're like me, and you are thrilled to recognize Daniel Barenboim's style in the elevators at the Venetian Hotel, but really can't name one song by Adele, then you probably don't give a rats about the Grammys. But surely millions of people do and like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, they're not going to be ignored. Whatdya do?

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