Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Demetrius Minor ― I Used To Be A Proud Black Republican; Then Donald Trump Happened

The Republican Party should’ve denounced Donald Trump a long time ago. But instead, they’ve allowed for this man to hijack their party, and in return, not only isolate non-Republicans, but those within their own party.


It was right before the 2000 presidential election that my godfather, a black Pentecostal minister, told me that just because I was black didn’t mean I had to vote Democrat. After doing some research on my own, I had come to the conclusion that I was a Republican.

I would go on to enjoy a political journey that would involve heavy activity within the GOP. This would include blogging, becoming a conservative talk show host and producer and tapping into a conservative network on Facebook and Twitter.

I staunchly defended the Republican Party. It was the party of Lincoln. I proudly brought up the fact that it was the GOP that originally wanted Civil Rights and that the Democrats opposed it.
I eagerly went out to recruit other minorities to the Republican Party. After all, their message of school choice and free-market capitalism would be of great benefit to the minority community.

But then came Donald J. Trump, the antithesis to conservatism and the Republican Party.

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