Friday, February 19, 2016

Kay S. Hymowitz — Class Is Now a Stronger Predictor of Well-Being Than Race

Here’s a true statement: America’s historical mistreatment of blacks was uniquely evil and continues to depress the fortunes of African-Americans. Here’s another true statement: Class has become a stronger predictor of wellbeing than race.

(The Manhattan Institute)

Since so many official numbers and so much public discourse groups all whites into a single category, it’s easy to miss the second truth. Nevertheless, when researchers go into the demographic weeds they uncover some surprising facts. Taken together, they make race-based policies seem like providing painkillers on the cancer ward while denying them to the cardiac unit.

Consider the following:

Social class “is the single factor with the most influence on how ready" a child is to learn when they start kindergarten, according to the liberal Economic Policy Institute. Low-income white kids score considerably lower in reading and math skills than middle-class white kids. Add race to the mix, and class still remains the Great Divide when it comes to school readiness.

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