Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ayo Sogunro ― On Ineffectual Buffoons


Nigeria’s social media is not necessarily the brightest platform for intellectual engagement. This may sound like an insult, but it is not. This realisation is why I have, for some time now, been quietly sipping my tea and reserving my opinions on public issues for my barber. Yet, in the last few hours, the latest twitter “debate” has filtered to me in the form of friends and acquaintances pressuring me to share my thoughts on a no-holds-barred article by The Economist which, in a very amusing—if tragic—statement referred to former President Jonathan as an “ineffectual buffoon”.

My instinctive reaction is that the person whose unplanned shops are being demolished in Lagos markets doesn’t care what anyone calls President Jonathan. There are more pressing issues that affect Nigerians on a daily basis—under the current administration—and anyone who has time to seriously debate Jonathan’s character these days has either eaten yams to satisfaction or knows where the next plate of jollof rice is coming from.

Read the full article HERE.