Friday, December 11, 2015

Michael David Cobb Bowen — Trump's Head

My guess is that the American Left has been waiting a very long time to have somebody like Trump validate about one actual half of the anti-democratic & repugnant things they truly believe about all Republicans. What they can't really abide is the fact that the party elders truly don't like him. It makes them laugh and cry at the same time. Maybe Trump is just Trump. I mean if you've paid attention, how could anyone really believe that he's anything other than what he's always been? There is nothing that he has done that deserves to either put his head on a platter or in a Presidential jar. But what's in his head, really? Can there be anybody who believes that he's not saying everything that comes to mind? I find it hard to believe that he can be surprising when it comes to ideas.

I'm sympathetic to anyone who grits his teeth at Trump. When I think of the type of tasteless zillionaires who run the media, I think they'd be perfectly at home with Trump. The kind of socially cynical person who runs gilded casinos or produces insipid reality TV, or degenerate gangta music, are all the same color to me. Why shouldn't the person who collects dirty nickels and dimes aggregate billions in nihilist America?

For several years I've been looking for an elevated Left. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied but I have faith, if not confidence, that Enlightenment Liberals still believe in class, noblesse and society. So whoever, wherever such people are, I'm happy to join with them in opposition to the kind of shrill blowhard that is Trump. I don't blame America for having credulous people and I don't blame the people for being angry or feeling that Trump expresses that anger well. It's simply that we should all know that great leaders don't scream. Helpless people scream. And I sincerely believe that Donald Trump is the kind of helpless person who simply cannot understand the limits of his power. He thinks that he can do in government what he cannot do in real estate or entertainment, and for those questions that make him itch, he wants the power to make the itch go away. Now.

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