Friday, December 18, 2015

Jennifer Oliver OConnell ― Please, leave CJ Pearson alone

via Communities Digital News

CJ has a lot of growing up to do; no doubt about that. He is learning to think and work his ideas out. He is learning from experience to make decisions, just as a young man should. Whether we agree with him is our concern, not his. Nor is it up to us to judge whether his advocacy or conservatism is legit. Time will tell, just as it has with others.

Child-adults with much more education and sophistication than CJ are struggling much as he is on American college campuses. Students at Yale, Princeton and Mizzou are making demands with less clarity and maturity than CJ has displayed. They want their “rights,” without knowing what those rights really are.

Columbia University student Nissy Aya demands literary diversity because she suffered severe trauma from reading too many books by and about white people. Missouri and Yale students want “safe spaces” where their ideas will be unchallenged; they want the right to opine without thinking, to be free to offend without having to defend themselves.

So do we want to condemn CJ because he decided to step away from being a champion for the Republican label and think about his conservatism? Isn’t he exactly the type of thoughtful young person we want in the conservative movement, a young man who can take a stand, yet think about his stand even after taking it?

Some wanted CJ as a poster boy for young people and black conservatives—not his mind, but just his face. Now that he has deviated from their orthodoxy, he is persona non grata. He voluntarily became a poster boy, but conservatives bitterly complain about black Americans on the “Democratic plantation”; are they so eager to build their own? Isn’t the power to step off the plantation what individual liberty is about?

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