Wednesday, November 25, 2015

William N. Grigg — Donald Trump's Presidential "Heel Turn"

via Pro Liberate:

On the available evidence, Trump’s view of presidential powers doesn’t differ in substance from that of Barack Obama, whom he has consistently criticized for being “weak” and timid in the exercise of those powers. 
Trump’s Republican “fans” consist, for the most part, of people who see Obama as a dictator – but who devoutly wish for Trump to inherit the distended powers of the office Obama now occupies, and exercise them more assertively. They aren’t interested in a leader who would apply sound principles in defense of individual liberty and private property; they lust and ache to be ruled by someone they consider a suitable symbol of American “greatness.”
In his relentlessly self-preoccupied and borderline-aphasic speeches and media appearances, Trump displays a rhetorical style not terribly different from that of a skilled professional wrestler “working the mic.” He dilates upon his accomplishments, most of which are dubious at best, boasts of his standing in the polls, commends his “fans” for the wisdom they display in supporting him, and spends a great deal of time discussing obscure and petty personal affronts. He will engage in pure, malicious invention, as in his bizarre and completely dishonest claim to have witnessed “thousands and thousands of people cheering” – Muslims, to be sure – on 9/11 as the World Trade Center collapsed.

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