Monday, November 2, 2015

Dr. Anthony Bradley — Combating college student burnout

via World Magazine:

American society has managed to fail an entire generation of students by micromanaging their lives and not letting them experience failure. The result is that college students, on average, are the most anxiety-ridden generation of young adults in recorded history. College students who come from Christian homes do not fare any better. The pressure to achieve greatness is the universal burden of high school and college students, Christian or not.
An article in the October 2015 of issue of Psychology Today summarizes much of the problem. Nationally, 22 percent of collegians now seek therapy or counseling each year, a figure that has grown consistently for the past 20 years. Students arrive at college “psychically burned out from building portfolios of excellence, primed to crumble at the first significant disappointment they encounter,” the article notes. “Having had—or been allowed to have—few disappointments in their overparented, overtrophied lives, many have not learned to handle difficulty. In the absence of skills to dispel disappointment, difficulty becomes catastrophe.”

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