Thursday, October 22, 2015

Peter Kirsanow — Americans Are Right to Worry about Illegal Aliens and Crime

 The National Review

Last week I mentioned the U.S.Comission on Civil Rights’ flawed report to the president and Congress on detention facilities for illegal aliens. Among other things, the report claims that Americans who are concerned about illegal aliens’ involvement in crime are, well, confused.
 If you read my dissent to the report (I’m a member of the commission), however, you’ll quickly discover that it’s the report that’s confused – dramatically so. Unfortunately, my dissent was omitted when the report was issued two weeks ago ( I know of no other instance in which this has ever happened), so let me give you a sample of the comparative criminal data contained in the dissent (the government doesn’t neatly disaggregate crime statistics based on perpetrators’ residency status. Nonetheless, by cross-referencing several databases, a surprisingly clear picture emerges).

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