Monday, October 12, 2015

Michael David Cobb Bowen — Obligatory Seriousness on Whiteness

"Whiteness is a racial construct invented by post-modernists who think that identity is more powerful than action because identity directs action. In other words, in their world view they see people as doing something in fulfillment of who they think they are. "I am white therefore I must.." I'm not post-modern so I think *do* is more important than *be*. I say that you become something because of what you do consistently. "I race cars therefore I am..." 

 The purpose of the invention of whiteness is to attempt to intervene in identity construction in such a way that one is less likely to do certain offensive or oppressive actions. Post-modernists would have you believe that one's racial identity is highly deterministic. Therefore, even when nothing offensive or criminal actually happens, they interpret the very existence of 'whiteness' in the identity of millions of people as a racist catastrophe just waiting to happen. So they calculate the weight of 'white' hopes and dreams and predict some zero sum consequences for 'non-whites'. The aim, therefore, of 'Whiteness Studies' is to ultimately destroy the 'white race' by deconstructing and ultimately destroying white identity."

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