Monday, October 5, 2015

Crystal Wright — The White Supremacists flocking to Donald Trump

Crystal Wright, the conservative columnist and TV commentator, delves into some of the less flattering aspects of the Trump campaign for president.


"Could Donald Trump be reigniting racism in this country like we haven’t seen since the Civil Rights movement? One life-long Republican friend of mine urged me recently to check out the term “cuckservative”being bandied about on Twitter. He explained the term was loaded with racism and the people using it happen to be white, fervent Trump supporters. 
“It’s a rallying cry for white supremacists and ‘neoreactionaries’ who, for whatever reason, seem to back Trump,” wrote Daily Beast reporter Matt Lewis, who’s done some excellent writing on the topic. And Lewis is right.  
I did a cursory search on Twitter and very unsavory things surfaced. A cuckservative refers to a white man who betrays the Republican party and his race by supporting policies like amnesty for illegals, gay marriage, criminal justice reform, and black voter outreach that threaten white dominance in America. For the record, I don’t support gay marriage or illegal immigration, but there’s a way to talk about these issues without being a bigot.  
Trump may not be behind the term, but Trump’s frontrunner status and rise in the polls has coincided with the rise in the cuckservative movement and his support from white nationalist groups. Tweets like these are indefensible."

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