Monday, October 5, 2015

Chris Ladd — Most Republicans aren’t nuts

Chris Ladd, a moderate Republican author and lawyer argues, "There is no rationale for letting an unpopular political bloc set the policy agenda for the entire Republican Party. It’s time for someone to take an aggressive, unapologetic stand for a 21st century Republican platform".

via GOPLifer Blog:
The man who leads the polls for the Republican Presidential nomination has staked out a position that ties autism to vaccines. All of them are engaged in some form of denial of climate change. Leading candidates have all taken a hardline stance on immigration controls and building a border wall. Republican Presidential candidates are tripping over each other to grab the most extreme conceivable positions against abortion, gun control, and culture war compromises. Unsurprisingly, not a single one them has a credible path to the White House
Previous posts have laid out a potential roadmap toward a saner, more politically relevant Republican future. Some might view that roadmap with skepticism in light of the party’s apparent mood. Perhaps the party could modernize its positions on a host of issues to attract new voters, but what are we supposed to do about the current Republican base? How can you hope to win new voters in new geographies and demographics while today’s Republicans are screaming their insistence on an ever more insane political agenda?
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