Monday, October 12, 2015

Alan Keyes — Dr. Ben Carson Is No Abraham Lincoln

Alan Keyes, a black, conservative, former Ambassador in the Reagan administration weighs in on Ben Carson's presidential run.

"Dr. Ben Carson is obviously no Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was not a man whose educational credentials instantly proved his superior intellect. But Lincoln was a man who had studied to apply common sense and moral reasoning in an effort to think through and apply America’s founding principles, as articulated in the Declaration of Independence. He was a man who had pondered the lessons of tyranny, and the self-evident truths that demand that any American statesman worthy of the name, act with the understanding that freedom becomes the broad road to absolute despotism when liberty is misconstrued to include the enforcement of actions that interfere with, disparage or violate the exercise of God-endowed unalienable right.

Tragically, many so-called Republicans have been steeped in the elitist faction’s disdain for the premises of America’s liberty, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence. They share Dr. Carson’s self-proclaimed “pragmatism” in this disrespect. They agree with him when he compares giving priority to issues of moral principle like abortion and so-called “gay marriage” to scraping barnacles off the hull of a sinking ship. They join him in believing that it’s more important to “get things done” than to insist that what is done accords with the Creator’s program for right, rights and liberty. They look forward with satisfaction to the administrative tyranny with which the elitist faction aims to replace our Constitution. They shrink from the egalitarian character of government of, by, and for people committed to the exercise of right."

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