Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lenny McAllister ― Why An “Aye” Vote is the Wrong Vote for the Iran Deal

Lenny McAllister, a black conservative commentator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is none too pleased with the Obama administration's recent Iran agreement.

He writes on his website: "When Mike Doyle, Keith Rothfus and others reconvene on Capitol Hill, America will face another historic moment, one that determines our role as a force for good and a protector of peace for our nation and our allies.
Right now, Iran has the resources and the know-how to produce several nuclear weapons. Setbacks originating from the Stuxnet virus 5 years ago and fairly recent assurances from the Obama Administration that Iran was not readily “breakout-capable” have not deterred Iran. Neither have strong international sanctions, as Iran has been capable of maintaining nuclear progress including covert operations at Fordow while enduring hits to its economy.
America and our allies share a primary goal that must not be overlooked in the quest to secure any deal in lieu of a good deal. We must prevent Iran from destabilizing the Middle East and beyond with its support of terrorism throughout the region and its long-standing, hate-filled opposition to Israel and America.
Any agreement that focuses on checking off one box of an agenda without securing the overall mission fails us and our friends around the world."

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