Sunday, September 6, 2015

John Burnett ― Labor Unions Need to Reinvent Themselves

John Burnett, a conservative financial services executive, wonders whether or not unions are contributing to their own demise.

Via U.S. News & World Report:

"The decline of organized labor in the United States has been attributed to a number of factors, from the erosion of the nation's manufacturing base to an increasingly global workforce and new business practices that have altered the employee-employer relationship. But there is one factor that rarely gets discussed despite its enormous role in the waning of organized labor over the last 30 years: organized labor itself.

As the American workplace continues to undergo dramatic changes, labor leaders appear as disconnected as ever from the needs and demands of American workers and even the businesses that employ them. Big labor stubbornly clings to organizing principles, policy objectives and labor-relations tactics that were far more suited to the bygone industrial era that gave birth to the labor movement and provided it with clear purpose and even legitimacy."

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