Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chelsi Henry ― Are You Young, Black and Drowning in Student-Loan Debt?

Chelsi P. Henry, a black conservative attorney and writer for The Root.com, explains the Republican candidates' positions on student debt.

 via The Root:
"You’re young, black, educated and saddled with a personal investment in yourself, aka student-loan debt. 
Student-loan debt is a real and present issue. Nationally, college graduates and students have racked up $1.3 trillion in student-loan debt, with black and low-income students taking on a disproportionate share. The overall amount of student-loan debt surpasses credit card debt and car loans. It is estimated that by 2025, the amount of student-loan debt will double, according to the Congressional Budget Office. 
 Sure, a college degree is not a requirement in order to live an economically comfortable life in America. But it is a foundation that many employers seek and reward. Beyond grades, those who attend college can more than likely attest that they studied a specific field; are capable of working independently and in teams; and can retain, understand and apply information learned in class. 
Eighty percent of black students accepted into college will finance their undergraduate degree."

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