Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Black Republican Announces Run For Oklahoma House of Representatives

"The principle of WORDS & ACTIONS matching at all times must be a guide in our daily lives, and is what this election should be about." - Corey Perry 

Corey Perry is a veteran of the United States Army, and a small business executive. He has dedicated his life to the service of the community and world around him. The call for a life of service first came when he was an active child preacher in  the church he grew up in back in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. The oldest of Coretta Perry's two children, he learned  the principle of hard work very early. Perry's mother has been a successful small business owner for as long as he can remember in addition to carrying other jobs in his early years in order to place he and his sister in a charter school to help build a strong scholastic foundation. Perry attributes the selflessness exhibited by his mother as the greatest factor in cultivating his view on service.

The journey of a service oriented life continued when Perry chose to continue his education at the University of Oklahoma.It was during his time in Oklahoma that the decision was made to be led by his faith and enlist in the United States Army while the country was engaged in two wars. Perry would later transition from military service and return home to Texas to once again seek to serve through the path of law enforcement. The call came for Perry to cultivate his skills in coaching came shortly after and is an experience he says he, "wouldn't change for the world". Things came full circle one day when college friends called Perry and asked him to utilize his leadership skills cultivated in various professional endeavors and his small business knowledge gained from his family's company for their expansion in Oklahoma. Perry has made Oklahoma his permanent home and continues his call to service throughout, being led by his faith and conservative principles.