Sunday, September 27, 2015

Black Conservatives See an Opportunity for Growth in 2016

A group of influential Black conservatives weigh in on what Ben Carson's campaign means for black conservatism.

The National Review:
Carson’s approach to racial issues on the campaign trail reflects his own experiences with racism. In his first book, Gifted Hands, he details his initial years as a surgeon at Johns Hopkins, when some patients treated him coldly, and others reacted angrily upon learning they were being treated by a black physician. He recalls a white Johns Hopkins resident from Georgia who “couldn’t seem to accept having a black intern.” Rather than leave the hospital, he decided to combat racism with superior performance. “The only pressure I felt,” he wrote, was “a self-imposed obligation to act as a role model for black youngsters. These young folks need to know that the way to escape their often-dismal situations is contained within themselves. They can’t expect other people to do it for them.”

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