Monday, August 3, 2015

Stephen L. Carter ― Nuke Deal Gives Iran Room to Cheat

Professor Stephen Carter looks at the proposed Iran Deal, finding a weakness in its "all or nothing" approach.

"A couple of weeks before the Iran agreement was finalized, I argued in this space that the negotiations could in theory reach an acceptable outcome even if one expected the Iranian regime to do a small amount of cheating. I still believe that. What I didn't anticipate was that room for cheating might be baked into the deal. But I fear that's exactly what's happened.

I am not referring to the question of whether Iran could hide its noncompliance within the bureaucratic labyrinth established by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for those inevitable occasions when leaders in Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors reach an impasse. Others have tackled that point masterfully. I am concerned about what happens if at the conclusion of a dispute about an inspection, Iran will not back down."

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