Monday, August 10, 2015

Dr. CHE Sadaphal — Dehumanization: On Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose, Levar Jones and Bobby Canipe

Here is one reason why the unfortunate case of Sandra Bland is so terrifying: Citizens are asked to obey and constrain themselves in recognition of the law. Yet, the law is the very thing that certain police officers have transgressed in order to molest their neighbor in the name of the law.

"This perverse paradigm is relevant to all Americans because the people, the ones who are not authorized to use lethal force, now find themselves at the mercy of law enforcement officers, who are equipped with lethal force and who decide how much violence to execute against those they are supposedly protecting. Essentially, the one holding the gun is the one who is given discretion over what constitutes a threat.

Such was the case for the unarmed Samuel Dubose, who was pulled over in June 2015 for missing a front license plate by a University of Cincinnati police officer and subsequently shot in the head."

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