Friday, July 10, 2015

Quote of the Day: Multiculturalism & Conservatism


"Multiculturalism is often too simplistically held up by some on the right as being this infernal boogeyman that must be avoided at all costs, meanwhile the left constantly uses multiculturalism as a tool to impose unmitigated, extremely far-left liberalism on Western nations. Conservatives despise the consequences of the left-wing brand of multiculturalism, so they dismiss the entire concept as being malevolent without ever acknowledging that multiculturalism is a catch-all term meaning a whole host of different things to different people -- with new definitions constantly emerging.  

As discussed in a previous article of mine, rather than engaging liberals in the kind of legitimate arguments that need to be made regarding race, conservatives decided to shut race down as a legitimate topic by championing the absurdity of colorblindness. Certainly, this didn't close the issue of race, but merely left race as an issue that only liberals had the authority to speak (read: lie) about.The same argument applies to the notion of multiculturalism. Rather than using multiculturalism in a constructive sense and harshly critiquing it where it is destructive, conservatives prefer to rip the issue apart merely because liberals have successfully advanced one particular brand of the concept and used it effectively to meet their malevolent goals." ― Chidike Okeem