Monday, June 15, 2015

Fabrice L. Lohadie — Don’t Blame South African Xenophobia on Apartheid

Fabrice L. Lohadie, a libertarian blogger from Charlotte, NC., has a bone to pick with those in South Africa, who assert that the recent xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals is somehow, due to Western influences and “Capitalism”

Fabrice L. Lohadie is a Congolese (Kinshasa) origin, libertarian and political junkie from Charlotte, NC.
Much ink has been spilled to figure out the root causes of recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Some have blamed it on the ruling African National Congress (ANC)’s government inability to deal with high crime, poverty, and unemployment rates, while others, including Garikai Chengu are pointing the finger at Apartheid legacy.

In his recent article, titled “Xenophobia In South Africa: Driven By Apartheid Legacy Of White Monopoly Capitalism”, Mr. Chengu, a scholar at Harvard University, blames white capitalists.

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